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Is there much couples dancing in K-pop?
Posted this over on the Jukebox, where I underrated "Trouble Maker":

It took me a while to get HyunA as a dancer. What I first thought was sloppy now strikes me as having a nice flow. She's no BoA or Min (and here) when it comes to footwork or arm-and-shoulder coordination, but she's getting more at ease.

In "Trouble Maker"'s final two performances (Trouble Maker have wrapped up this round of promotions), HyunA was about 50 degrees warmer than JS.*

I don't know if there's much couples dancing in K-pop, there being so few co-ed acts. I'll have to ask my K-pop cohort. I know there's interaction with backup dancers, and in the singer-rapper one-offs, but I doubt there's much Astaire-Rogers lovey-dovey.

*Mat and Sabina's chemistry discussion is here and here, if you missed it.

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May aim for abstraction, but the crime is fairly straightforward:

I'm not sure if I'm in on this. It's not really even 'cool' - there's no other level to this video than a girl who's pissed at ex-boyfriends and executes them one after another. Even with the pink blood it's needlessly violent, isn't it? Just the other day MBLAQ put out their "It's War" video with similar imagery.

I forgot Lee Hyori's Anystar, where in the video Park Bom plays a shoplifter/juvenile delinquent/pauper to Hyori's princess (though I don't think shoplifting quite meets my criteria for being a major criminal enterprise).

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