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How to pick up girls (Eng Sub)
Hyori trades banter with Big Bang on her variety show:

Part 1:

Part 2:

She, co-host Jung Jae-hyung, and the boys are all quite personable, though even with subtitles I'm not understanding whole gobs of the interchange, due some to my not knowing the history, some to my not knowing the culture. But I do get that a hunk of what they're doing at the end is How To Pick Up Girls. And yeah, they're doing it for fun, and it's funny; but still, it's reminding me that these people are fundamentally mainstream and I'm not. (Or if one or more isn't/aren't fundamentally mainstream he/they are going along with it.*) I'm not averse to getting to know attractive women who happen to be passing by, including attractive mainstream women, and letting them know I'm potentially interested; but still, even though I can't totally put my finger on why, the how-to-pick-up-girls mentality epitomizes exactly what's mainstream about this clip and what's not mainstream about me. Maybe it's the assumption that this is our common ground. Or the assumption that we assume a common ground rather than discovering and creating it.

Of course, when various counterculture groups fundamentally go dead for me, and they all pretty much do, sooner or later — freak, punk, postpunk, indie-alternative, "poptimists," [your group name here] — it's exactly because they've gotten into a rut of assuming assumptions, e.g., assuming I'm like them more than I'm like Hyori. (See "The Death Of The Cool.") I don't assume that Hyori and I, for instance, or G-Dragon and I, etc., don't know how to find common ground. One common ground would be if they like to think about such things, about assumptions and how to test them. In 2006 Samsung was willing to postulate that Hyori seeks to see through a multiplicity of eyes.

Not related to this: at one point, Hyori mentions, in regard to a track that she and Daesung recorded, a plagiarism issue that for a time was a barrier to the two of them performing the song, but that she'd now worked out the copyright and they'd be singing it again in the future. What had happened was that for Hyori's H-Logic album, songwriter Bahnus simply ripped off seven overseas songs to sell to the label, the only major difference between his songs and the originals being that he'd substituted new Korean lyrics. It turned out this wasn't the first time he'd done such a thing. Rather astonishing, that he believed he could get away with it. Or maybe he knew he'd get caught, and was simply out of control. Calculating, he might be willing to chance that, e.g., no fan of Georgia Murray was ever going to hear Lee Hyori's "Swing" and no fans of Lee Hyori were also fans of Georgia Murray (and that no one was going to pick up on the Theodorakis riff that Murray sampled and Bahnus copied); but it was simply insane to assume that she and Jason Derülo had no listeners in common, and further that he could use the basic same title of the Derülo song "How Did We" (named "How Did We Get" in the Lee Hyori version, it being the song on which she and Daesung sang their duet) and copy the exact same Annie Lennox sample, and that no one would notice any resemblance. But I only know what Wikipedia says. Hyori seems totally blameless. Bahnus was not only sued by the label, he was convicted of forgery and fraud and sentenced to over a year (at least according to Wikip, though there's a "citation needed" on this).

None of this is meant to imply that I won't someday visit a Derülo YouTube thread in order to say "Lee Hyori brought me."

*Get the sense that Taeyang may not be totally on-board, either.

h/t Mat

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GD pronounces Korean with an American accent when he raps, apparently, as if he were bilingual in English. Dunno if the same is true for TOP but it might be. They do it that way because it sounds cool (according to GD). There's lots of Korean-Americans at YG and all the BB members but especially GD, TOP & Taeyang are really into American music. Plus of course the songs have always had a lot of English in them etc etc.

I think this song has really good lyrics! It's such a good fit for them I now wonder who approached whom on this collaboration.

Besides that I think the same stuff I put here: that like you once said about PDoherty, the vocals are now associated with good feelings so I like them automatically; and that Pixie Lott's record company needs to learn how to copyright videos on YTube like YG does so all the views will go to a single uploaded version of this song. This is my favorite upload though, because I like the promo pictures :p

Also, Pharell Williams is a fan? (Of the hats at least.)

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