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GD pronounces Korean with an American accent when he raps, apparently, as if he were bilingual in English. Dunno if the same is true for TOP but it might be. They do it that way because it sounds cool (according to GD). There's lots of Korean-Americans at YG and all the BB members but especially GD, TOP & Taeyang are really into American music. Plus of course the songs have always had a lot of English in them etc etc.

I think this song has really good lyrics! It's such a good fit for them I now wonder who approached whom on this collaboration.

Besides that I think the same stuff I put here: that like you once said about PDoherty, the vocals are now associated with good feelings so I like them automatically; and that Pixie Lott's record company needs to learn how to copyright videos on YTube like YG does so all the views will go to a single uploaded version of this song. This is my favorite upload though, because I like the promo pictures :p

Also, Pharell Williams is a fan? (Of the hats at least.)

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