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Whereas the American quirk girls who've heard Adele and had their ears open to the last two decades of singer-songwriters and quasi-eccentric stylists are hearing a world of permutation and possibility. And this is what the Koreans seem to hear in most everything, though of course, being unfamiliar with Korea, I could be projecting novelty onto whatever they do.

Which isn't to say I wasn't bored shitless by, e.g., two-thirds of last year's Leessang album, which sounded like an amalgam of sappy tuneful balladry and sappy tight-crotched rap. (Gil of Leessang is one of The Voice judges, the one who dresses the most hip-hop.) I was thinking of The Voice Of Korea in particular where the average style seemed to be calling forth more adventure in the performers. But there's probably plenty of adventure in Leessang; it's just not adventure for me. There's a lot potentially adventurous in the current dreadful Euro-American dancebeat'n'r&b'n'Autotune amalgam; I just think the results are crappy (and that stuff isn't getting onto the talent shows anyway).

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