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Groove Approximations Subdue Lollipop Thugs
Remember in 2011 when promo copy for new group Blady emphasized the simplicity of their dance moves, praising it for fostering fan involvement?* "This style of choreography is powerful yet easy, so that it can express Blady's uniqueness. This also allows fans to be able to learn and keep up with the dances." Seemed like a clever way to rationalize their lack of a mandatory K-pop skill, given that K-pop fans actually take hard dances as a challenge.** In any event, Blady did manage the simple motions passably well.

But now, here's a snazzy little track from rookie group Badkiz that combines stylish vocals, Wa$$up playground shouts, and funny LMFAO synthesizer spazzes.

But what strikes me is that here they are, doing a dance track, and they're genuinely poor dancers. I'm impressed. The bullies they subdue in the vid nonetheless get into it, abandoning a life of stealing jackets and of hitting people with lollipops, giving it all up so they can move with the groove.

Haven't yet found my way to actual promo copy. Badkiz are too obscure to rate an Allkpop writeup much less a Wikipedia entry. Someone did post the vid in an Allkpop forum, calling 'em Crayon Pop copiers. I can't say I hear this, but I'm guessing the poster was thinking of the scene in Crayon Pop's "Bar Bar Bar" where Crayon Pop take on some back-alley toughs. And maybe Badkiz are following Crayon Pop in using lollipops as accoutrements to their delinquent pose.***

But Crayon Pop can dance.

*Okay, you probably don't remember. I know I wrote about it, but Google isn't helping me find out where or when. Blady, by the way, started off with a couple of very good neo-freestyle tracks under the supervision of Shinsadong Tiger. Eventually all but one of the original Bladies left or was sacked. Newer dance is more a strut — not complex, but takes balance, esp. on platforms. (Sound is still kinda '80s, but leaning r&b rather than freestyle, and not as interesting.)

**I do remember CL explaining how on "I Am The Best" 2NE1 used fairly easy hand moves for the fans to follow, while Minzy did all the difficult expressive show-off stuff. But IMO the hand waving still required flair and precision.

***UPDATE: The Music Bank performance of "Bing Bing" seems to have disappeared from the Internet, but there's one on Show Champion that isn't as delinquent but still's got the lollipops.

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There seems to be a new Blady track (more recent than the one I linked in the post), maybe called "Blady Soul":

I really like that "this is the history of my family" line.

The super-low-tier groups I'm hoping will miraculously reappear are (besides Blady) Nom and K-Boys.

Like the K-Boys track: is fairly generic, but very pretty. Astonishing how cheap the video is. They never got a lot of press. I found only one piece at, consisting of all of four sentences.

Edited at 2014-05-03 03:22 pm (UTC)

The track is generic but the vocals are good. I only know about them from Soompi's end-of-year compilation of boy groups that debuted in 2012. I believe they disbanded sometime last year.

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