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Wedding music
I chose Debbie Deb, Clare chose Fatboy Slim.

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wait does this mean what i think it does? in which case hurrah and congratulations both of you!!

and if i am getting the wrong end of the stick, erm, well, good thoughts to you both anyway :)

You surmise correctly. Thank you.

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Thank you. Speaking of "Mazel Tov," we managed to schedule the shindig without my noticing that it coincided with Pesach Day 1 - not that I think I'd have rescheduled if I had noticed.

(I don't know if, within Judaism, it's considered gauche, if not altogether prohibited, to get married on such an important holiday. But there are all kinds of Judaism, and I don't know much about Judaism anyway, which probably means it's influenced me more than I realize: e.g., there's likely some parallel between my being a broke unaffiliated rockwrite intellectual and medieval goofballs who studied the Talmud for not much of a living, or something.)

I suppose it varies by level of observance, like most things; most people probably wouldn't try to combine a wedding and a first-night seder, just because it's so much work. (And the cake would be awful. Your best option is a large pyramid of Maneschevitz coconut macaroons. I just shuddered, thinking of it, and I like those things.) Speaking personally, between my mother's yahrzeit (today, by the Hebrew calendar; I just lit the candle, although by the Hebrew calendar I'm four hours late), my mother's birthday (tomorrow, by the Gregorian calendar, which was the one she actually cared about), and my dissertation proposal defense (Wednesday), I am barely even acknowledging that Passover exists this year, much less observing it. My older daughter is pressing for a seder, but that's only so she can find the hidden afikomen and get some chocolate.

(that was my younger kid sending her congratulations.)


I have bad news from the tierless night creature front, though: the last original member of TREN-D, Ruru, has left the group.

Congratulations! And well chose both of you.

Thank you.

In the wedding book, my nephew and his girlfriend both praised the music especially.

Congratulations Frank!

I picked the wrong week not to check in at Koganbot...

Congratulations!! Wishing you both all the best.

Re: Congratulations!!

I haven't been checking all that much, either. But thank you.

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