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Just like you keep a chair empty for your Senator when you hold a town hall
Sorry I haven't been communicating more. Kind of caught up (as a spectator mostly) in Twitter snark about Trump et al. (The Onion: "Heartbroken Russian Ambassador Thought Special Meetings With Jeff Sessions Were Very Memorable." Matt Yglesias: "It's traditional for the Speaker to hide the health care bill at the start of the seder so the children can search for it later." Yglesias again, in response to "Sen Cornyn, emerging from GOP healthcare mtg, was just asked what the plan is. 'You think I'm going to tell you what the plan is?'" "No Mr Cornyn, I expect you to di-- -- wait, it is totally reasonable to expect you to say what the plan is!")

In the meantime, here's a Chinese cover of Dschinghis Khan's "Moskau."

(Unfortunately, there are no high-quality rips of the MV — in fact, this rip seems to be the only one, though of course there are many rips of this particular rip, this being one of them; i.e., probably not the original rip itself.)

H/t John Wójtowicz for reminding me there's a Dschinghis Khan, and Twitter person @LoofaFace for the empty-chair ref I used as the title of this post. (@LoofaFace's moniker itself is taken from a memorable Daylin Leach tweet.)

Urgent update: David Frazer informs me that there's a North Korean dance to "Moskau" performed by Mullah Resmat protégés Wangjaesan Art Troupe.

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Schlager also penetrated the Hermit Kingdom:

Minx have gained two new members, changed their name to Dreamcatcher and turned into Gothic rock chicks.

But they can do cute too:

Re: Moskau, Pjöngjang

Wow, that last one — doing "Into The New World" — is gutsy. You probably saw it already, but for anyone else looking, here's SNSD introducing the song and themselves back in July 2007:

As Mat once said of the SNSD presentation, "This is the most impressive dance performance I've ever seen from a girl group. It almost beggars belief. The stuff around the 3 minute mark is just scary." Dreamcatcher are being molto-ambitious even to try it!

Re: Moskau, Pjöngjang

Covering BIGBANG is also pretty gutsy:

But wait, there's more:

Re: Moskau, Pjöngjang

They did a cover of Lucky Strike by Maroon 5 on KBS Open Concert:

They didn't change the lyrics.

Re: Moskau, Pjöngjang

By the way, today (March 7th) is Dami's birthday.

Dschinghis Khan getting those roubles.

David tried unsuccessfully to embed this on Dreamwidth:

He adds:

Definitely eighties-ish electropop but, as usual, I'll leave it to you to detect any freestyle vibes...

I don't know if it's possible to embed vids in Dreamwidth comments. In any event, I don't know how.

Edited at 2017-03-12 04:41 pm (UTC)

Re: Anyone for tennis?

Dreamcatcher's first comeback will be on April 5th, and after the fun and games the teasers are back to serious Gothic chills.

Re: Anyone for tennis?

I've been talking to arbitrary_greay a little bit about Dreamcatcher and I.O.I here

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