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Elongated candy, beautifully vaporized
The T-ara kissoff EP is okay enough, on and off, the only real standout track being "Diamond," a strangely deep and ethereal Qri solo chant that sounds like "I Want Candy" elongated and beautifully vaporized — though interestingly enough, it's the next cut, Hyomin's "Ooh La La," that uses a Bow-wow-wowish Bo Diddley beat and a melody reminiscent of the Temptations' "The Way You Do The Things You Do." Neither track sounds much like T-ara.

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Pale voice, bright skin

Thought in the period of T-ara's prime popularity that Qri had the weakest voice, and I wasn't working out her role in the group's personality either, though a lot of that stuff is beyond me.* Post-scandal, however, she's had my two favorite T-ara tracks, "Diamond" and the Japanese "Do We Do We." Each uses her aural paleness to a nicely misty, fetching effect. (Surprised. Would've pegged Jiyeon not Qri for this role.)

*For instance, according to Wikip she recently won the Dr. Gloderm Best of Beauty award in the category Brightest Skin Female Singer.

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