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There's been a lack of HUGE female r&b club bangers this year, which skews it in odd ways (inc towards the men). Looking at my favourite girl-r&b tracks this year...'American Boy' is the biggest, the closest to the traditional r&b summer smash. Jazmine Sullivan and Jennifer Hudson deal more in ballads and midtempo jams than bangers. Kat DeLuna failed to set the world alight, inexplicably. Ciara brought the bangers to the internet and no further, and has gone with a generic T-Pain midtempo thing as the official single. Mariah Carey could've really walked the summer jam competition this year but effed up her singles schedule. There are some great bangers on the Janet album but no one cared.

The Ne-Yo album is pretty amazing though.

So "High Price" isn't a single? [Checks Wiki.] Damn, you're right. Well, further evidence for my contention that the greatness of the year seems to be in the nonsingles (and the great ones that are singles aren't hitting, most of 'em).

Bugger I forgot to put Ciara in my list :(

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