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Come and erase me and take me with you: the Pop World Cup 2010
The Pop World Cup has begun over on Freaky Trigger; the first Pop World Cup four years ago on poptimists is what pulled me into livejournal. Is the greatest musical extravaganza, best learning of far-flung music I've ever had, and easily the most fun; where I first heard Cansei De Ser Sexy and DJ Maryam. Highly recommended.

For old time's sake:

EDIT: Here's the link to the Pop World Cup 2010 tag over at Freaky Trigger. And here's the Pop World Cup page.

Comparing and contrasting Lovefoxxx and Karen O.
Am listening to the new, better-than-I-expected Yeah Yeah Yeahs LP (first single "Zero," which isn't nearly as good as some of the other tracks) and speculating as to how even better it would be if Lovefoxxx from Cansei De Ser Sexy were doing the singing, but I'm also remembering that I myself have thought that Cansei De Ser Sexy ("Rat" here) would be better if Lovefoxxx could actually sing rather than perpetually relying on a basic open-mouthed wonder-talk that as for embodying a tune can't do much more than wave at the melody. I mean, what if Lovefoxxx could keep a tune as well as Karen O. does?

Our Friends In The Insect World
Wistful thoughts from some shorter members of the animal kingdom:

t.A.T.u.Collapse )

Cansei De Ser SexyCollapse )

Tired Of Being Sexy? Key To Love Revealed!
My review of "Let's Make Love And Listen Death From Above" is up at Paper Thin Walls as part of a year-end extravaganza where they're offering two CD-Rs' worth of downloadable tracks comprising various reviewers' Favorite Tracks Of 2006 For Which We Could Get Permission To Post An MP3.

(Also, if you click on the link to "main site" on the upper right [or, for the time being, go here] you can find my reviews of Jesus H Christ and Tralala (on December 14) as well as other reviews of mine in weeks and months past, all songs streamed and recent tracks available for download.)

Top 10 Jan. - June 2006
Well, everybody's doing it, so here's my Top Ten for first half of 2006, not too much thought given to either the order or whom to include/exclude. My guess is that numbers 1 and 2 fend off all comers for the rest of the year but that anyone else could be superseded come Pazz & Jop day. I define a single to include "stuff the artist lets you download from her MySpace page" and "stuff that I sent to everyone I could." I go an extra four deep 'cause there are four whose eligibility is questionable owing to my not knowing what year they were released. Those four are in brackets, and I would appreciate any info that you could supply. Mark? Jerry? Others? (Surely for foreign and alien U.S. nonhits, a release in 2005 would be sufficient to qualify for my P&J ballot.)

1. Veronicas "4ever"
2. Aly & AJ "Rush"
[3. Mahshar "Vase Chi"]
4. Lillix "Sweet Temptation"
5. Lily Allen "LDN"
[6. Cansei de Ser Sexy "Let's Make Love and Listen Death from Above"]
7. Girl Authority "Hollaback Girl"
[8. Wir Sind Helden "Von Hier an Blind"]
9. Snook "Snook Svett Och Tarar"
10. Beyoncé f. Slim Thug "Check On It"
11. Young Jeezy "Trap Star"
12. Marion Raven "End of Me"
13. Jena Kraus "Both Dads R Dead Dogs"
[14. DJ BC f. Phillip Glass and Dizzee Rascal "Stand Up and Dance"]

also could have made the list if my mood had been slightly different (not in order):
Amy Diamond "What's In It For Me?"
Morningwood "Nth Degree"
Bebe "Malo"
t.A.T.u. "Friend or Foe" ("Cosmos (Outer Space)" would have made the top 10 if it had been a single)
Marit Larsen "Don't Change Me" ("Only A Fool" would have made the top ten if it had been a single)
Flyleaf "I'm So Sick"
Flyleaf "Breathe Today"
Marie Serneholt "That's the Way My Heart Goes"
Velvet "Mi Amore"
Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice"
[Light Beat "Nhary Liel"]
Jessica Simpson "A Public Affair"
Paris Hilton "Stars Are Blind"

Hip-hop and country haven't been getting as much attention from me as they should.


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