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Hyomin brought me here
This dance track, apparently Polish, is in the Gaon Chart top 100 'cause Hyomin danced to it* a month ago in Paris. Or Hyomin danced to it 'cause it was in the Gaon Chart top 100. (Paging the Correlation-Doesn't-Mean-Causation Department.) Apparently, I wasn't tracking this closely enough.

Song's over a year old. And it's in this week's Gaon Chart at 97 (up from 99 last week), spelt "Sex Apeal." And Hyomin danced to it in Paris last month.

(And Hyoyeon "wins," I guess. So what?)

What do dancers call this beat, or this dance genre, with the high-pitch note taking care of the 1 2 3 4 and the bass hitting the offbeat? I call it the no-speak-americano beat, but that's 'cause I do speak americano, and don't frequent dance clubs. At least not often.

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