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The Tracks Of My Tiers
Made a YouTube playlist of my favorite tracks from K-pop's lower commercial tiers.

In ascending order. As you can see, I like both it and that:

Leader'S "Hope" (2011). The song is called "Hope" but the sound is heartache 24/7. I left NYC several years before Hot 97 or whatever it was came in with a Latin freestyle format, but I can imagine this humid emotion emanating daily from car radios and bodegas on my block (I lived on the northern end of Mott Street, which was nominally still part of Little Italy, but the Italians had mostly moved to more well-to-do neighborhoods, being replaced by immigrants from the Dominican Republic).

D-Unit ft. Vasco "Stay Alive" (2013). Produced by Zico of Block B, this is a lot more natural than his own group ever was at creating a hip-hop idol sound, emphatic rapping with a backdrop that's half dreamy and half disorienting.

Chi Chi "Sexy Doll" (2012). A come-on that sounds at least as ominous as it is salacious.

Z.Hera "Peacock" (2013). Haven't yet discovered who wrote this, but it's someone with a far better understanding than I of Chopin or whomever, the track moving along towards inevitable bliss, while the singer uses the strain in her voice to suggest struggle and uneasiness. She just debuted, and I'm hoping for great things.

Clinah "So What If" (2011). Fractured power pop. It feels Japanese.

Tiny G "Minimanimo" (2013). I wonder if Bo Diddley had the least inkling in 1955 that he was setting the beat not just for buckets 'n' guts, but for sprites and nymphs.

Miss $ "Physical Or Emotional" (2012). Back to the dark Bodega wail. Miss $ had been a so-what r&b act for several years until they suddenly blossomed into passion.

Evol "Get Up" (2013). Get ur twisty little freak on, and take it to the disco.

GLAM "I Like That" (2013). Samples New York City sorrow, then pushes towards a joy most complicated.

Flashe "Drop It" (2012). A lot like "Bo Peep Bo Peep" in the way it teases and nags you.

New.F.O "Bounce" (2011). While the video apes 2NE1-style imperiousness, the band bubbles and bounces.

ChoColat "I Like It" (2011). Young Melanie wants it all, with a massive voice of promise and pain.

Crayon Pop "Bar Bar Bar" (2013). Perhaps they're lucky not to be stars. They get to spray everyone in their audience with water pistols.

E.via (now calling herself Tymee) "Pick Up! U!" (2010). The queen of the lower reaches, she can be anything from a severe art bitch to the cutest and quickest of the wild spirits. Here she gives us fractured power pop, fractured dance pop, fractured Poképop.

Fat Cat "My Love Bad Boy" (2011). Putatively cute and catchy, our heroine breaks her voice into scrapes, sparks, and splatters, and the sort of hooks that rip flesh.

Honorable mentions: Gangkiz "Honey Honey," A-Jax "Hot Game," MYNAME "Just That Little Thing," Blady "Spark Spark," Delight "Mega Yak," X-Cross "Crazy."

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I crossposted this on ILM's K-pop 2013.

내사랑 싸가지 4: This Time It's Infantile
The 내 사랑 싸가지 / 내사랑 싸가지 Saga continues, as Google Translate once again modifies its rendering of Fat Cat's "내 사랑 싸가지" (also sometimes spelled without the space between 내 사랑):

"내 사랑 싸가지" = "My Love Is A Bad Boy"
"내사랑 싸가지" = "Baby Bitch"

I refer you to previous installments in this series:

"My Love, The Douche"
"Guitar Squawks And Robobeats"
"Fat Cat's My Love Bitch"

No Tiers For The Creatures Of The Night, Part 1
Over the last few months several groups from the commercial lower tiers of K-pop have been at least as exciting as the big names. Foremost among them is New.F.O, whose "Bounce" would be a candidate for my 2012 P&J had the single not come out in late November, eight days before my December 1 cutoff date. The vid poses the question, "Don't we wish we were alien spaceship masters like 2NE1?," and the synths give us laser rays to match; but the singing is Fat Cat times five, these kitties sticking high-pitched electropopsicles hard in our ear.

Also recommended: ChoColat "I Like It," After School "Rambling Girls," Clazzi ft. Koti & Jubi "Sexy Doll," Sunny Hill "The Grasshopper Song."

My Love, The Douche
Just saw this comment by Brian Park from a couple of months ago on the Singles Jukebox thread for Fat Cat's "My Love Bitch," the title we gave the song turning out to be questionable; most of the translations go "My Love Bad Boy," but this is what Brian had to say [unfortunately, WordPress doesn't do Hangul and gave him question marks instead; where I've surmised what he meant I've inserted the lettering; otherwise I've kept the question marks]:

Brian Park, on November 12th, 2011 at 11:00 pm Said:
Native Korean speaker here; I know nothing about this song or the artist, but since some were wondering about the title...

The title in Korean is "내 사랑 싸가지". The first part is straightforward, meaning "my love". The word "싸가지" is the problematic one and I'm sure many Koreans don't even know what the word means, even if they use it all the time.

It is originally a dialectal term for "bud" or "shoot", as in the embryonic stages of plant growth. But most Koreans only know it from the expression “???? ??”, i.e. "there is no 싸가지", which presumably means that someone lacks potential completely. Properly, this describes someone who acts immaturely, without manners, etc., but as people have little awareness of the original etymology it is now used as a generic dismissive put-down. From this you get "싸가지" by shortening, which feels like a recent phenomenon (but I could be wrong).

An English word with a similar trajectory I can think of is "douche", which also feels similar enough in its vague pejorative sense. So I'll go with "douche"; "내 사랑 싸가지" could be "My Love, the Douche". And yes, the English translation needs the comma and the definite article to convey the original meaning in an idiomatic way.

"싸가지" only appears in the very first line of the song, in the context “??? ?? ??” ("get lost, douche"). It is pretty clear that "bitch" is the wrong translation, at least for those who don't use the word gender-neutrally.

(Fwiw, Google translate gives "I Love A Bitch" for "내 사랑 싸가지" [which is how Korean TV spells it, and how Brian Park spells it too], "My Love A Bad Boy" for "내사랑 싸가지," and "Indifferent" for "싸가지" alone, which may be how allkpop.com came up with "Indifferent Love." [UPDATE March 2012: And now, Google Translate does "My Love Is A Bad Boy" for "내 사랑 싸가지" and "Baby Bitch" for "내사랑 싸가지."])

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My Pazz & Jop Ballot, 2011
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IU, "The Story Only I Didn't Know." I don't have a good explanation for why a particular ballad hits me, since most go in one ear and out the other, leaving only torpor to mark their passage. Here, IU creates a space of intense agony, the music standing stark still. Her small voice sounds almost matter-of-fact. Like adding up deadly accounts. (So, torpor bad but stillness good?) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAQ0d3LAtZ0 [click CC if you're not seeing English captions])

Galaxy Dream ft. Turbotronic, "Ready 4 Romance." Take any room, from shack to bar to ballroom, dim the lights, add breaths and echo effects, and voila! A dark, erotic, cavernous space. The cavemen figured this out early, using shadows and torches.

HyunA, the Bubble Pop! EP: on reality TV HyunA plays herself as a goofball and brat (search YouTube for "HyunA screams at chicken"), yet this does nothing to undo her sexual aura. On live performances of "Just Follow" she moves slow, her face expressionless, the expressionlessness expressing force and haughtiness, and an inner stillness — the stillness totally sexualized. I wonder what she thinks of it. Does the force field of sexiness that emanates from her have anything to do with her, or is it just a thing that she ("she") can use? Is it just her gorgeous, slightly blank face and her way of barely moving, restraint in her gestures, onto which we project the force field? She and Zico had performed "Just Follow" seven consecutive times [EDIT: over ten days, that is]; at the end of the eighth they deliberately break character and smile, "See, we're normal warm people after all"; and HyunA winks. But this is a controlled warmth, "See, I've been here all along," her revealing herself in her own time, doling out the warmth but only when she wants to. So besides warmth what's revealed is mastery, the ability to control the revelation, the smile demonstrating more control since it says "I can turn my roles on and off." The fear and hysteria she puts on when she wants to go girlie-girlie is a role too — even if the various roles all happen to be the truth. [EDIT: This P&J para, written Dec. 22, 2011 or thereabouts, was my first attempt to get at the awe-and-aura-not-requiring-distance point I next made a week later on my lj and a few days after that on Tumblr.]

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Guitar Squawks And Belching Robobeats: Fat Cat's MY LOVE BAD BOY over on the Jukebox
Once again the Singles Jukebox puts forth an excellent set of blurbs, this time for Fat Cat's "My Love Bad Boy," all descriptions making it exciting whether the review is positive or not. Metal effect without metal signifiers, punk effect without punk signifiers (Katherine: "so physically painful that I can’t listen to this without periodic breaks"; Brad: "exercise in pure snot... Fat Cat wants to destroy, not dance"; Edward: "fifty kilos of snark and bitchy"). All for a blissful bit of dance pop.

(The ever-unreliable Google Translate has now shifted its translation of "내사랑 싸가지" from "My Love Bitch" to "My Love A Bad Boy," so I'm reluctantly joining the majority and going with "My Love Bad Boy" as the title. Twas I who misled the Jukebox, but I had good reason.) [EDIT March 2012: And now Google Translate goes with "Baby Bitch" for "내사랑 싸가지" and "My Love A Bad Boy" for "내 사랑 싸가지." But M! Countdown and the other performance shows chose "My Love Bad Boy," so for the sake of consistency and intelligibility I'll use "My Love Bad Boy." See "My Love, The Douche" for a native Korean speaker's insight.] [YouTube killed the embed for my favorite performance; you should try this Youku link.]

Ticking Her Tush Like A Clock (Top Singles Through The Third Quarter Of 2011)

Fat Cat and CL wiggle their way into the Top 10, producers/writers SweeTune give us Nine Muses' "Figaro" and Infinite's "Be Mine," and somewhere on here there's something new I added that isn't Korean, maybe down around 60:

Singles through September 30:

1. Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me"
2. Jeremih ft. 40 Cent "Down On Me"
3. GD&TOP "High High"
4. 2NE1 "I Am The Best"

5. Galaxy Dream ft. Turbotronic "Ready 4or Romance"
6. IU "The Story Only I Didn't Know"
7. Bobby Brackins ft. Dev "A1"
8. Big Bang "Tonight"
9. SNSD "Bad Girl"
10. Fat Cat "My Love Bitch" [EDIT: the most common translation of "내사랑 싸가지" turns out to be "My Love Bad Boy," so that's what I'm now reluctantly going with]

[But the camera person was too reticent, so you'll need to go here for a better view of Fat Cat ticking her tush like a clock.]

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Fat Cat's MY LOVE BITCH [My Love Bad Boy]
For those of you who wanted to like HyunA's "Bubble Pop!" but ultimately found its formal austerity and existential solitude too daunting, here is Fat Cat's "My Love Bitch":

Song also gets called "I Love A Bad Boy" and "My Love Bad Boy," and Allkpop calls it "Indifferent Love." But Google Translate affirms "My Love Bitch" for "내사랑싸가지," which are the Hangul characters used on a (poorly synced) rip that claims "My Love Bad Boy" in the heading. [EDIT: Google Translate has now switched to "My Love A Bad Boy," and "My Love Bad Boy" has the overwhelming number of hits, so I guess that's the title we should go with.]

As far as I can tell there's no promo video yet, though there is stream of what seems to be the studio track at a Vietnamese music site.

Immortal YouTube comment: "i prefer the name of the star be 'love bitch' and the song be 'fat cat' (she is not fat AT ALL)"
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