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My contribution to energy expenditure
(1) As instructed by media propaganda, at 8 PM I turned off all lights and unplugged my computer and stereo etc. Then, since the apartment was dark, and the weather was warm (in the 50s), I decided to take a walk. During the walk I triggered four automatic porch lights as I passed near them. I don't know the wattage of the lights, or how long they stayed on after I passed, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if in their time on they used more energy than I would have if I'd spent the hour at home sitting at my computer.

Love In A JockstrapCollapse )

Your Ad Screams "Look At Me!"
Weekly readers find hip culture and edgy journalism almost as important as buying housesCollapse )

I wonder if you think there's a danger here that what you write about the Paris album might end up being more reactive than proactive?Collapse )

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