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My heart beats like a drum
I missed my opportunity to post my 3'43" choice on "It Took Seconds," so I'll post it here, Paris Hilton's "Heartbeat": over the "Time After Time" riff, Scott Storch and Paris build up layers of sheer loveliness out of husks and straw:

From Arcade to Ashlee
"Here's Frank Kogan, here's Chuck Eddy, and here's this dude!"

Dave Moore has posted a transcript of his rockcritics.com interview - had originally been a podcast (Scott Woods the interviewer):

(When I saw there was a third vote for I Am Me, I said to myself, "Must be the father of a couple of pre-teen girls. What other critics listen to this stuff, outside our circle?")

Albums '00s
I have made a decision for the remainder of 2009 to listen to no more Albums I Haven't Heard Yet. So, a trifle early, here is my decade's end albums list:

Top Ten Albums Of The '00s

1. Ashlee Simpson Autobiography
2. Montgomery Gentry Carrying On
3. Big & Rich Horse Of A Different Color
4. Britney Spears Blackout
5. t.A.T.u. Dangerous & Moving
6. Various Artists Global Hits 2002
7. Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP
8. Ying Yang Twins Me & My Brother
9. Fannypack See You Next Tuesday
10. Paris Hilton Paris

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Rules Of The Game #7: Hero Story
This week's column:

Hero Story

This is something of a prequel to my book, since it ends where the book starts, with the idea that we tend to define ourselves as corruptible and contaminated. Also, I think it's a pretty great piece; in fact, a desire to see it in print was one of my motives for proposing the idea of a column to the Las Vegas Weekly in the first place.

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Paris Is Our Vietnam (Rules Of The Game Followup #2)
Latest column:

Paris Is Our Vietnam

Comment here, there, everywhere, or email me, and I still don't know if comments are going through on the LVW site. And since they sometimes switch URLs in midweek, if this link stops working try the main site or try the Kogan links.

(I'm working my ideas up slowly, so if I haven't gotten to some of the interesting issues people have raised - e.g., Mark and private identities, Edward and ignoring other people's likes and dislikes - that doesn't mean they weren't worth raising, whether or not they never make it into the column.)

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Hero Story, Variant 7.b
Here's a (slightly reworded) post of mine from an ongoing dialogue between me and Dave Moore over on Cure for Bedbugs. I was responding via Haloscan to his post of Jan. 9; he replied in his entry for Jan. 11. The discussion is about what basic bad arguments and bad assumptions those who sneer at Ashlee-Lindsay-Paris are making, but I'm also trying to probe into what interesting, deep, powerful, culture-wide, and maybe good Hero Stories the bad arguments and assumptions feed off of. So I'm continuing a conversation from chapters 1 and 7 of my book.

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My Jackin' Pop Ballot
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Paris Paris Paris
Paris links:

Good blog post on Mincetapes about how the Paris album is about dancing.

Good Paris post from Penman. "One of the reasons I like the Paris (thus far) is that there has been no worked-up strictly-spin apologies: no 'train wreck then rehab/chat show confession/anorexic tell-all/United Nations envoy or charity gig' join the dots narrative."

And for the best long-running commentary on the Paris album and on the generally dishonest, defensive reaction to it, go to Dave Moore's Cure for Bedbugs. Start back on August 21 and read forward from there.

Paris Is Breathing
Over on the teenpop thread we have been talking about the Paris Hilton single if you would like to join us.

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