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Still More Years In America February 10, 2011
Let's see, charts, that's where stuff that is popular is designated popular, and you observe this and get all excited or all depressed because... (some reason or other)...

Dr. DreCollapse )

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Still More Years In America February 3, 2011
Yet more excitement on the Billboard chart!

Just kidding. But a couple of pieces of good news: (1) Eight or so months after release, Sunny Sweeney's "From A Table Away" is still rising on both Country Songs (up to 13) and the Hot 100 (up to 80), and her EP is out - the scintillatingly titled Sunny Sweeney EP - which is either a sign that they're drumming up support for her second album, when they release it sometime or other, OR that they're still insisting she prove herself commercially before they commit to releasing the thing. Whoever "they" are. (2) Jeremih's "Down On Me" still seems not to have peaked, up to 28 with a bullet. So, for those of you who live and die by what I put on my year-end lists, I've officially deemed it eligible for 2011, despite its September 2010 release.

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Still More Years In America January 27, 2011
In which a blogger blogs briefly:

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Still More Years In America January 20, 2011
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When the camera tracks, you know it's Max, and when the tracks track, you know it's Max too, even if it's a different Max, and this week we've got Max tracks to the max.

Britney SpearsCollapse )

Avril LavigneCollapse )

Kanye WestCollapse )

PinkCollapse )

UsherCollapse )

JeremihCollapse )

Still More Years In America January 13, 2011
Bruno and Katy keep playing footsie with the top spot, and there's not much more movement underneath.

Taio CruzCollapse )

Flo RidaCollapse )

Meanwhile, in the U.K.Collapse )

Still More Years In America January 6, 2011
The United States celebrates the New Year by adding no new songs to the Top 40. So here's an album track by Jeremih:

Jeremih "Holding On"

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