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Let the right be wrong?

Adam Lambert's "Ring Of Fire" on American Idol was indescribably terrible, but still was one of only two performances this week worth hearing more than twice. The guy has ideas, even if putting them together produces a misshapen mess. The other was Kris Allen doing "Make You Feel My Love" with a light step, turning it into gentle slush and ignoring the lyrics' buried aggression, which is fine with me.

As for the rest, forget 'em unless you're interested in the ongoing story of Megan Corkrey and Allison Iraheta, who've had better nights. Megan's got the only distinctive voice of the lot of 'em, but her "Walkin' After Midnight" sounded like she was reciting a foreign language phonetically while children pelted her with small stones. Allison rocked and half-mauled "Blame It On Your Heart"; she sings with feeling but her straight-ahead note-bashing is going to get tiring. Danny Gokey and Anoop Desai were competent and listenable but both mediocrities, Lil Rounds sang "Independence Day" in tune and with a smidgen of force but was incapable of getting within miles of the song's unsettling combination of triumph and destruction (and to echo something justfanoe said, Rounds was insane to match herself against one of the most searingly powerful vocal performances in country music history, though I don't suppose a lot of Idol viewers know the original). Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre, and Michael Sarver were strained or rushed or just plain wrong, Alexis Grace was a bit overmatched on "Jolene" but she did give it an interesting delicacy, and I'd have certainly kept her around in place of Matt, Scott, or Michael.

I don't know whether I'm going to stick with American Idol this year. I've only been hearing the songlets on YouTube, so I can't tell you how it's working as television, but it's sure not creating good music. Maybe Allison can develop an effective slider and a change-of-pace and make herself matter, though my guess is that if this is going to happen it won't be for a couple of years.

If you haven't heard the original "Independence Day," you must.
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