June 1st, 2006

Like a razor in a lollipop: a Canadian's Poptimist manifesto

A little friend of ours from the north has this to say about why she is calling her second album Sound Soldier why she is a Poptimist:

Ive been fed up with all young girls out today preaching that theyre REAL whats happened to the magic? And what the hell has happened to the sound? So this record is titled SOUND SOLDIER! I am music warrior, defending noise in the fight against silence. Im a tutu wearing new breed of doll with killer lipstick in my pocket to use on the boys I hunt. I stand for auditory extremes and a wicked fashion sense! I pledge to maintain sonic integrity and I will always promise to play my music loud! So you may wonder what youre listening to: one part punk funk, one part little girl wanna-be, like a razor in a lollipop, too-sugary-to handle on the outside but it bites back when you least expect! Who cares what it is as long as you like it. You can hate me after the songs over! Nanananana I got a MICROPHONE!

I still think Pink Bulldozer would have been a better title.

(The quote is from Skye Sweetnam's MySpace profile. As if you couldn't tell.)
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