June 15th, 2006

Digs Digs Digs

Ha, my landlord has just found some sucker to buy the strange, listing structure I've been living in, so I'm gonna have to move a couple doors down, the complication being that I'm supposed to move at the end of July but I will be out of the country right then. But surely this is the time to convince myself that I can afford to go broadband and so that I can watch Youtube; for surely the lack of easy access to Youtube has been what's prevented my doing my job efficiently enough to meet my expenses. (My regular excuse for cadging money off people these days is, "Can you help me out? Since I don't have access to Youtube I have no idea what I'm saying when it comes to popular culture, therefore I can't write pieces and am broke.") I hope that Earthlink's still got those "special offers" on DSL.

P.S. I am now going to watch the South Park movie. I have never seen the movie but I have been to South Park. How many of livejournal buddies can truly say that they've been to South Park?
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    Ashlee Simpson's "Invisible" (though it's disappointing)