July 14th, 2006

Further Proof

Further proof that in today's world the real issue is not indie, or capitalism, but EMO; this anecdote reported by my friend Lia, thirteen years old:

k.. sooooo
i was walking down the street
all innocently and stuffff
and i pass by an EMO
yes, thats terrible, i know!
&& thats not even the end of it!
he's with his friend
((yes, ANOTHER emo))
&& he said
"yuu think the exorcism of Emily Rose is hawt right?"
and his emo friend says
"well... let's just say

id excersize emily rose"

&& then he started
humping the air
im scarred for life
but ill admit
or as i [told] sam taylor pais && danielley
it was both swadacious and lidacious
goooood times
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