October 19th, 2006

Xuxa robbed in 1992 Voice poll

Xuxa's "Chindolelé" (or "Tindolelé"; I've seen it spelled both ways), was actually one of my top favorites of 1992, but I didn't know if it was a single or not, or from that year, so I didn't put it in my Pazz & Jop ballot. It's an exuberant kids' song where the exuberance isn't forced on you but just wells up from within the music. Kids' voices often don't work for me in songs, either 'cause they're used for sentimentality or 'cause the basic nonmusicality of massed not-really-in-tune voices pours dirt over the melody. This one, though, the kids are right in there calling back in answer to the jingle in a massive bubble of delight and NOISE, and it's great.
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