June 4th, 2012

Girl's Day's Oh! My God

Girl's Day came to my attention in 2010 with the passionate, wailing "Nothing Lasts Forever." Sales and streams were less than middling, though, and the sound and image shifted as if the decision had been made to really sell the concept "girl" in "Girl's Day." So you'd get fairy-dust mood pieces or smiley tracks that were simultaneously upbeat and listless, or catchy tracks with chirpingly high singing. Most of this was bearable, and there were interesting curves and bends in "Twinkle Twinkle" and bright Pepsodent beats in "Don't Let Your Eyes Wander." The new one, "Oh! My God," is back to chirpingly cute, but this time the track is forceful and the catchiness really catchy. First release of theirs to hit me in a couple of years.

There's surely something I'm not getting about the video. If I saw those bright colors in America I'd say, "They're going for the kiddie market." But these are women's bodies (oldest member is 26, youngest about to turn 18), and the demeanor and male-female interplay is--I'm not sure what. There's hyperbole in this video. And someone wearing a donkey's head. Trevor says, "Girl's Day take some of the ideals of femininity, such as, for instance, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and turn these ideals into nightmarish extremes, too much for any man to handle." I have no idea if I agree.