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SNSD's BAD GIRL Over On The Jukebox

SNSD's "Bad Girl" reviewed over on the Singles Jukebox; I love the song, but most others don't consider it bad enough.

Strangely, no version I could find of the official vid had adequate sound, including the one uploaded by SM Entertainment, so I decided if the fidelity wasn't going to be high I might as well use a "live" performance.

And while we're at it, here's an astonishing dance routine, SNSD's beginnings in 2007; Mat says: "This is the most impressive dance performance I've ever seen from a girl group. It almost beggars belief. The stuff around the 3 minute mark is just scary.... Helps that it's all lipsynced — it's noticeably less sharp on regular performances — and that the camera is fixed so we get the amazing sync work and units moving around the stage. I don't expect them to ever match this level again because it was their debut track and they exclusively practiced this choreography for such a long time."

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