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Minami 2

Starting this second thread regarding the Minami incident to forestall Livejournal's terrifying collapsed-thread syndrome encroaching on the previous thread (here).

My guess is that it'd be hard for any fan to endorse Minami's self-abasement. Even those who support idol "purity" and manage to link it to being sex-free and boyfriend-free will have that overridden by the sense that Minami is a damsel in distress. In fact, those people might especially be the ones who will have their "damsel in distress" buttons bumped, and will be genuinely torn.

The rest of my thoughts are about K-pop, since I know next to nothing about J-pop:

In K-pop, is the no-dating rule really all that pervasive? Doing a little bit of Websearching, discovered that back in 2010 when T-ara's Soyeon was rumored to be dating Supreme Team's E-sens, neither agency managed to deny it at first, even though apparently it wasn't true. Core Contents Media: "They are very close but we haven’t heard about an official relationship yet. We believe that if two adults come together to date, it should be something worth congratulating." Is possibly the only sensible thing Core Contents Media has ever stated in a press release; anyway, confirms what I remember Jiyeon saying about T-ara not being under a no-dating rule.

What are the shades of meaning to the word "Scandal"? In this interview report I'm uncertain as to whether or not E-sens et al. are using the word facetiously. Perhaps the Korean word that gets translated as "scandal" has shades of meaning not present in English, e.g., in Korean "scandal" is often simply shorthand for "latest comeback" or "received a MacArthur Foundation genius grant."

And here's a story from October 2010 that I particularly cherish: the rumors about Soyeon and E-sens having just broken, Netizens come to the only possible logical conclusion: this romance was manufactured by Core Contents Media as a conspiracy to distract attention from Jiyeon's alleged-nude-photo scandal.


(Photo at top is of Tony Camonte (Paul Muni) (right) and his secretary Angelo (Vince Barnett) in the original Scarface. Angelo was an excellent choice for secretary in that (1) he didn't know how to write, and (2) he didn't quite understand the telephone; so, when someone on the other end insulted him, he took out his gun and was set to shoot, figuring that if you could talk through a phone you could fire bullets through it as well.)
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