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Zinni and crew hilariously not innocent on Music Bank

The ever-literal and doltish sees the teaser photos for the GLAM comeback and opines:

The hip-hop group seems to have taken a radical image change for this comeback, choosing girly and innocent over sexy and fierce. Instead of the all-black clothes they had for "I Like That" they've opted for white, lacy clothes instead.
I'm not sure in what universe lacy opposes itself to sexy, but it's sure not GLAM's. In any event, yesterday on M! Countdown Zinni stuck her hip-hop cap right atop all this whiteness while Dahee was in a suit jacket but was missing most of the suit's bottom half; today on Music Bank Park Jiyeon's got the cap and Zinni's barely covering herself in scraps she seems to have retrieved from Courtney Love's "Doll Parts" dumpster. Everybody in sneakers. Pretty funny.

[UPDATE: Well, the Music Bank performance has disappeared from the Internet. Maybe my description is the only account we will have of it.]:
(Miso wearing the S; Park Jiyeon in cap, braids, and dollar sign; Dahee in jacket
and quasi-nightie; Zinni in the barely skirt thing and saying she's not okay at 1m47s)

(The lyrics are intended seriously, female insecurities, apparently written by a man. Says Hitman Bang, "Through this song, I wanted to express the honest feelings of young women living in this generation." Doesn't stop the GLAMsters from having all sorts of fun on stage, presumably also at the Hitman's instigation. Allkpop calls the track "a mix of trot, Euro pop, and hip hop," though I can't tell what's supposed to be trot about it. Seems French, if anything.)
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