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Frank Kogan "Wreck Of The John B"
Ha! I have no memory whatsoever of recording this. I like it. I'm guessing it was 1985, which would confirm my hypothesis that my singing got a lot better during the year after Stars Vomit Coffee Shop. Had assumed my singing voice would forever be intolerable to me, but this is not always the case. I like how my guitar only partially accommodates the melody, so there's a kind of zinging tightrope wire of tension between rhythm chords and the prettiness. Keeps the thing alive 31 years later.

I suspect this track was solicited by Al Margolis, but it might have been someone else and Al was the person who put it out.

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This is great, Frank!

It will definitely find itself on my radio show at some point.

Still waiting for some visionary genius with good taste to reissue Stars Vomit Coffee Shop on vinyl or cd -- not to mention the Your Mom Too cassette. Or at least produce better digital rips than I've been able to achieve from my own copies! SVCS remains one of my all-time favorite 'albums.'

Re: This is great, Frank!

In the works for SVCS even as we speak (CD and possibly streamed as well).

How's the world turning for you, Jeff?

Re: This is great, Frank!

! Best news I've heard all week!

Things are good in Cleveland - busy with lots of stuff I like doing, so I'm fine with that. cheers!

Re: This is great, Frank!

Jeff, the Stars Vomit rollout is underway. Email me your snail mail address, and I'll send you a copy: lion223 at ecentral dot com.

Sounds good, dude.

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