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Way To Go
New Crayon Pop.

Advance single "Vroom Vroom"

About perfect: Light splashy Italodisco, a boat ride past small islands. Writer and (I think) lead singer Way adds enough ache to give this a promise of passion, a hint of adventure.

Album teaser, Evolution Vol. 1

First 8 tracks, I guess; 17 are due, 10 all new. Track 2 has interesting promise, as if it's early-mid Sixties girl group morphing into soul, or early Eighties Britain burnishing up that sound so that it glistens. Or something different; it's only several seconds. Track 6 is on a different Sixties borderline, like the Animals grabbing at teen tragedy and creating a venomous adult wail — not that I expect Crayon Pop to get close to venom, or to full slaughterhouse wailing. Probably will just be nice woman dancing into the distance, leaving small pangs of dust to glint in the sunlight.

Title Track Single "Doo Doom Chit"

Track gallops and kicks right out of the gate. So much for my impression from the teaser that it'd go down a tad too easy.* In fact it's so pushy and crowded I'm having trouble disentangling it. The beat seems to be battling the atmospherics, while Crayon Pop prance steadfastly forward. Strong, but I don't know if I know how to hear it.

Anyone want to tell me how you're hearing it?

h/t David Frazer for the alert, and the post title.

*"There's a powerful monomaniacal repetition at 9 seconds in that lasts for two-and-a-half seconds ('Shaky shaky shaky HAH!' or something like that) which potentially upends or punks up the song in a good way. The rest at first listen goes down a tad too easy, though I like the flimsy discarded-cardboard drum-like sound that propels the track."

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I definitely didn't realize how much is going on in "Doo Doom Chit" until the second listen. I do wish they hadn't given Ellin a rap, or at least hadn't encouraged her to rap it -- my recollection (from "FM") is she sounds pretty good low, and I wish I could hear it with her singing close to a speaking voice rather than rapping quickly, if that makes sense.

Am I right in thinking that the actual "doo doom chit" sequence only happens twice? It feels like they've split the chorus in half, with the hip-rotating / backwards-walking part being the real chorus and "doo doom chit" basically being the spot to let off tension.

(after listening to "The Eye" one too many times I'm kind of obsessed with song structure, for better or worse.)

"Doo doom chit" happens three times, at 0:15, 1:17, and 2:49. And the location of the latter two does seem chorus-like; but its actual role feels more like "Official hook that we're supposed to remember" than "an actual chorus we release through and temporarily live in." Of course, later listenings can create changes in where one releases and lives.

I just got home from work and am not feeling analytically capable. There seem to be two or three segments later in the song that we only hear once but not all of which constitute "breaks." Unless this impression is just concocted by the loose functioning of my brain cells.

okay, thanks to the choreography video, I can try timestamps:

0:00-0:13 intro/C-R-A-Y-O-N POP! chant
0:14-0:28 "doo doom chit" #1
0:29-0:44 Soyul's verse, ending in "put your hands up!"
0:45-0:58 Way (I think; one of the YT commenters says Choa's the one wearing a skirt) and Gummi split a slightly faster verse (pre-chorus?) with a plunky, plinky (?) electronic sound in the background
0:59-1:16 "Woah-ah-oh-woah-ah-oh" / "I'm so fantastic girl" #1
1:17-1:30 "doo doom chit" #2
1:30-1:33 brief instrumental break, building of tension
1:34-1:48 Ellin raps while something altogether different is going on in the background, a much lower bass beat (here is where my musical vocabulary starts to fail me)
1:49-2:03 Choa/Soyul split the faster verse/prechorus with the return of the plinky sounds
2:04-2:18 "Woah-ah-oh-woah-ah-oh" / "I'm so fantastic girl" #2
2:19-2:33 with no break, immediately to some sort of bridge led by the twins, but there's no slowdown in music or verse; the words are sparser but they're happening at the same rhythm
2:34-2:49 "Woah-ah-oh-woah-ah-oh" / "I'm so fantastic girl" #3, with the heaviest of the beat dropping out for the first four bars
2:50-3:06 "doo doom chit" #3

so I guess the structure is
Chorus A ("doo doom chit")
Verse 1
Chorus B ("whoa-ah-oh," etc.)
Chorus A
Verse 2
Chorus B
Chorus B
Chorus A

only that bridge doesn't really sound like a bridge so much as an interlude.

anyway. I'd have to hear it again to figure out what's going on in the background each time, because it sounds like they're switching things around and the "doo doom chit" part is actually the least complicated, with pride of place given to the sax riff. but in the meantime: live performance of "Vroom Vroom" and hopefully Soyul recovers fully.

edit: also I think it sounds a little bit, in the verses, like Hello Venus's "I'm Ill"? But Mo Kim can tell you that I was snarking earlier this year that Blackpink's "Boombahyah" sounded like "I'm Ill" written for weaker voices. So maybe I just think everything sounds like "I'm Ill" this year.

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Here's the statement form Chrome about Soyul.

By the way, I'd failed to notice that they've been performing Vroom Vroom on music shows:

Arirang Simply K-Pop

MBC Show Champion

Note that ChoA gets a hand-held microphone but the other members have little headset mics.

K-Tigers' Melbourne Bounce

Korean Taekwando outfit K-Tigers has been putting forth music this year, including this bit that looks to be a total Crayon Pop imitation:

K-Tigers "Neck Slice"

On their post for the dance version they inform us:

Neck Slice is the basic movement of Taekwondo. It's Melbourne Bounce music which is popular as electronica genre. Unlike other musics, there is a guitar so that can make K-Tigers' own style. Five Girls' cute voices make us excited but at the same time, it vitalizes the impact lyrics.

Austral-Romanian Empire on the Riser?

K-Tigers kind of have a point, not as to any originality but as to a similarity to Melbourne bounce. Here's what came up quick when I typed "Melbourne bounce" into YouTube:

Oxxid ft. Mind Invaders "Riser"

Also on that beat: Badkiz and Pungdeng-E.

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Re: Austral-Romanian Empire on the Riser?

Neck Slice sounds like Babomba slowed down a bit. I wonder if it was priduced by the same people.

The MV is a mixture of Babomba, FM and the original Bar Bar Bar video.

By the way, Soyul is getting married to Moon Heejoon, who was a member of H.O.T.

I'd link to the post where you used the term if I could find it.

Re: I'd link to the post where you used the term if I could find it.

Oral hygiene music alive and bright in Korea (Dec. 1, 2012; Goo Hara's "Secret Love")

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