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Dick Enberg: Those were the days when...
Dick Enberg of NBC Sports, watching the Irish team on parade during the opening ceremonies of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona; he goes into a somewhat more-meandering-than-usual monologue about Irish long-distance runners of the past, listing the great ones, concluding with, "Those were the days when Irish guys were miling."

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The Internet does have positive uses. I wanted to double-check that I'd remembered the circumstances of this quote, and that indeed it was Enberg; sure enough someone had reported it, and it was online: Alan Malamud, in a three-dot column in the Los Angeles Times.

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Have you heard Bboom Bboom by Momoland? Are they taking up the Crayon Pop mantle of silliness in K-Pop?

Meanwhile J-Pop is experiencing a 1990s revival. HEY HEY ~Light Me Up by Fairies is Eurobeat, but I wonder if you might detect a hint of freestyle.

Serebro are claiming that "Bboom Bboom" sounds too much like "Mi Mi Mi." Shinsadong Tiger says not so.

Personally, I think'd sound better if it sounded more like "Mi Mi Mi," like so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMYE4T7C3q0.

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Incidentally, Momoland's agency Dublekick have been pushing Nancy as the group's top visual and were trying to make her break out until JooE's meme took them by surprise. Nancy is half-American (as is Kyla from Pristin), so in terms of mixed-ancestry idols being accepted and even favoured it looks as if Chocolat were just a bit too early.

But the "plagiarism" conversations almost always end up being boring, in that people are usually being way more copycat in making the charge itself than the music ever is. Which — obviously — doesn't mean it's dull to talk about where music comes from, where taste comes from, where conversations about "plagiarism" come from.

"HEY HEY ~Light Me Up~" does sound a bit freestylish in its mournful melodies; also in its hooks, but those hooks were prevalent already in '80s Italodisco. Italodisco and freestyle were not-so-distant cousins.

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More than a HINT, actually

Actually, more than a bit freestylish, not just in the melodies and riffs but in the screeching-brake intro and the "HEY hey hey-hey HEY hey hey-hey HEY— HEY hey hey-hey HEY hey hey-hey HEY" electro-stutters at the start. And of course the mournful chordings and the "oh oh-oh" vocal riff that come between the brakes and the heys are definite freestyle.

Here's a fuller-length live version.

Elsewhere on the NO TIERS front

Meanwhile, Pocket Girls are an excellent Badkiz knockoff, the first takeoff on Badkiz that I know of — interesting strategy, given that Badkiz have had only meager impact.

Pocket Girls "Oppa Is Trash"

I've been pretty quiet this year on the NO TIERS front; been relying more on YouTube algorithms than on the MP3 blogs for my new K-pop. The former take a lot less effort but are less comprehensive than the latter, hence don't bring us to the lower commercial tiers. First heard Pocket Girls on the latter (probably either kpopexplorer or k2nblog).

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HEY HEY ~Post Me Up~

Decided to give "HEY HEY ~Light Me Up~" its own post:


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