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2018 Visited: Royal KD "Swagchy" (no tiers)
I'll be creating several "2016 Revisited" and "2017 Revisited" posts shortly, and I figure that if I'm to claim that such posts re-visit those years, I'm implying that I'd only visited those years the first time through, rather than inhabited them. Which is silly. But does one inhabit a year? All of the year, everywhere and at every moment? —Well what does "inhabit" mean here? In any event (or any year), one doesn't suddenly leave one's socioemotional abode once a new year's hits. One takes one's habits and habitude along. And when you say you're revisiting old habits, this usually means you still inhabit or are inhabited by them anyway, right? But this time you're giving them a more critical eye.

Anyway, years aren't containers, and though we're in this one that doesn't mean other years aren't in us too and here's a song that hasn't been officially released nor maybe even gotten its final studio workover, so we can say we're as yet just visiting* it rather than being incarcerated along with it.

[UPDATE: Weirdly, Royal KD have taken this performance down from their YouTube site, and may have also changed record labels. So maybe this song isn't going to be a single. It's still up on Facebook, here. And someone's posted a different low-sound performance of it on YouTube. Fingers crossed.]


Small-label idol-pop hip-hop from 2018 Korea, but shouty sorta like how mid '80s Queens/Long Island hip-hoppers might've sounded if they'd been immersed in Bo Diddley vamps from 1959 or Velvet Underground vamps from 1969 (which they weren't, but I still am). Not that this has the urgency of old Diddley, Velvets, or Def Jam, but it does evoke grinding moodiness while still being good knockabout fun (which is sort of what Diddley, Velvets, LL, and all did/were, too).

Here are sly-seeming labelmates Blah Blah, equally low on tiers.**

*Ref. to board game Monopoly.

**"No tiers" and "low tiers" and "tierless" are shorthand that [profile] davidfrazer and I use to indicate that a group or label isn't on an upper commercial tier but is just as good as those groups and labels that are, hence no tiers for the creatures of the night.

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D-d-DIDdley Did, d-d Du Du Du

Blah Blah's "Good Job" is pretty Diddley itself, hambone-clave-ish, with a Cuban piano flourish to boot. Diddley by the way had a number of variants on the hambone, and would go to double strums or inserted beats during his vamps and rave-ups (the stuff from 1:40 on in the Diddley link in the main post).

My favorite version of "Hey Bo Diddley" is actually this one from 1973, which probably shows better than the other one I linked the vamping while the guitar chords go down one step and back up and back down and back up and back down (and from there Bo giving himself the same freedom with dissonances that Lou had with the Velvets; not that Royal KD has — yet — layered such freedom on top of their up and down chording).

(Notice in my rhythm comments in my Fall thread I cited "You Can't Hurry Love"/"I'm Ready For Love" rather than Diddley, and in this Royal KD thread or that Fall thread I could also have cited (e.g.) the Marcels' "Blue Moon" for its syllables and their impact on Lou Reed's guitar. Etc. So there's not usually a definitive, "This is the source," that you can cite — and even if there seems to be, you then have to start thinking about the source's source.)

Edited at 2018-02-19 03:40 pm (UTC)

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