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Ambivalent about the new Kacey Musgraves LP
Dave Moore and I are discussing the Kacey Musgraves LP (discussion here if you want to join in). Still new to the alb but where I am with it is that the singing and arrangements seemingly get great beauty out of the ordinary and the understated: beautiful enough that until you pay attention you might think the lyrics aren't taking you down to dullness, which unfortunately they are. Are tunes and voice enough? And might they make the words shimmer half heard in the background, by accident? So far my favorite track is "Butterflies" but on fourth or fifth listen it's already drifting away on me. We'll see.

What I wrote about the track:

Listening again to Butterflies. Kacey's not going to ordinary details so much as ordinary conversational turns of phrase ("you give me butterflies") which she works for a couple of angles: butterflies mean not so much you make me nervous but rather you make me excited meaning you make me fly (in the joyous sense), pull me out of the web I was stuck in, fly me instead to cloud nine. It's almost flawless, no missteps except for the "chrysalis" thud, if you don't mind that the journey is to utterly nowhere interesting, but you do mind and so do I.

Probably not an accident that most of what I listen to is in languages like French and Korean that I don't understand.

"Blowin' Smoke" [my favorite Musgraves song] used the same lyric strategy, take an everyday figure of speech and peer at it and through it from different vantage points. But obvious though the points were, they were also FUNNY and the idea was worth sharing, the camaraderie of being knowingly self-deceptive.

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