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No, I'm Not Your Friend (Top Singles, First Half 2018)
"It's a real nigga party, you cannot get in," which not only leaves me out, it leaves out most people who describe themselves with the n-word as well, and leaves you out, the way FBG Duck defines it: "Niggas really shoot, no accident / I can't make this shit up, I cannot pretend, damn." The thing is — I'd call it a strange thing except it's actually quite natural — his disinvite has attracted hordes: not people trying to get into the aforementioned party, but people using the track — FBG Duck's "Slide" — as a model for creating their own parties. He captured it, the way people speak, the long slow drawl, dragging out and down the last word of the phrase, "I can't make this shit up, I cannot pre-te-end." Primal sentences, "I can't shake your hand, no I'm not your friend / I don't fuck with rappers, no I'm not a fan, damn." Dave and I were grievously underrating his voice over on my comment thread, but people find themselves in it, take his words and mold them into their words: Bangg 3: "Issa bad bitch party, you cannot get in / I can take your man, pass 'im to my friends." There are eight versions so far on my top singles list, and scores more out there on YouTube, new ones every day. There's one in Romanian, another in Greek. There's a kids one by Mac Sauce: "It's a little kids party you cannot get in / We know that you're too old, we know that you're not ten." And the best version, by gay rapper Kidd Kenn, stone courage: "It's the faggot party baby you cannot get in / Takin' all the men, his homies and his friends, damn / If you think the boy is straight, well think again."

FBG Duck "Slide"

Bangg 3 ft. Goldie "Slide Remix"

Kidd Kenn "Slide Remix" [Flashing lights]

FBG Duck is daring you to come out and shoot, so he can shoot you ("Let me see some fuckin' shots fired then / Make me shoot that crib up you hidin' in"). Most of the male versions copy him in this (Yung Cat manages to be even more obvious: "It's the real killa party you cannot get in"); most of the female versions copy Bangg 3 in that having sex with someone is to prove something to someone else, to take something from someone else, to get even with someone else. (Sexyy Red: "[You] ain't got a lotta friends, I'm tryna fuck your man.") This is where Kidd Kenn goes, too. There are basic combinations, disses. Pretty Savage: "All your bitches' pussy don't get wet / Pull up, pop yo asses, how you pop them Percocets." Queen Key: "Heard some bitches dissed me but nobody liked it / I think yo music like yo pussy, bitch, nobody buys it, tried it (ha)."

Wit and phrasing aside, this is self-defeating behavior that — minus the bullets and sex acts — kids are learning to sidestep or shrug off or get beyond when they're still in kindergarten. At least trying to get beyond. (The only "Slide" remix devoid of nastiness is the one by little Mac Sauce.) Nonetheless this stuff still feels real, and that's because it feels risky, and we let the feeling stand in place of the truth. (It's role playing, of course, some people living the roles and some people not, either way still a role, a stereotype.)

Hazing and baiting and jealousy, but the guys are acting tough with it, while the girls are having a lot of fun. Sashaying around, wiggling, having a pillow fight. Men have the power advantage; women have the cultural advantage. The guys get to wave guns, that's it* — though maybe that's their entryway to having fun too, jumping around with and into each other, a secret dance in plain sight, the guns as the prop that masks it as something different.** The young women meanwhile can dance without excuses.

Ongoing Singles Playlist 2018

Top Singles, First Half 2018
1. Cassie "Don't Play It Safe"
2. Bhad Bhabie ft. YBN Nahmir, Rich The Kid, Asian Doll "Hi Bich (Remix)"
3. Ninety One "Ah!Yah!Ma!"
4. Kidd Kenn "Slide Remix"
5. Fairies "HEY HEY ~Light Me Up~"
6. Bhad Bhabie "Both Of Em"
7. Tay-K "After You"
8. KeshYou & Baller "Swala La La"

9. 6ix9ine "Billy"
10. Boy Tag ft. Tala A. Marie "Talla"
11. Tenor "Alain Parfait (Á L'Imparfait)"
12. The EastLight. "Don't Stop"
13. Cardi B "Be Careful"

14. Yella Beezy ft. Lil Baby "Up One"
15. Bhad Bhabie ft. Lil Yachty "Gucci Flip Flops"
16. Niniola "Saro"
17. Lil Pump "i Shyne"
18. MHD "Moula Gang" (AFRO TRAP Part.10)
19. Crowd Kontroller ft. Niniola "Bambam"

20. Mylène Farmer "Rolling Stone"
21. Chi Pu "Talk To Me"
22. Hong Jinyoung "Good Bye"
23. Ashley Monroe "Hands On You"
24. Booker x Mozee Montana "Каждый День (Every Day)"
25. Netsanet Melkamu ft. Jino "Security"
26. Sen Ptit Galle All Stars "Sargal Akon 'Na Na Na Na'"

27. Bangg 3 ft. Goldie "Slide Remix"
28. 21 Savage, Offset, Metro Boomin "Ric Flair Drip"
29. Blocboy JB & Drake "Look Alive"
30. Wonderful Machine "Time's Gone"
31. NCT U "Baby Don't Stop"

32. FBG Duck "Slide"
33. Wally B. Seck "Faramareen"
34. Burna Boy ft. Lily Allen "Heaven's Gate"
35. Playboi Carti "R.I.P."
36. Tararanga "Natbaro"
37. Miky Yo ft. Kidest Temasgen "Dureye New Fitu"

38. Stray Kids "Grrr"
39. Stefflon Don, Skepta "Ding-A-Ling"
40. Rich The Kid "Dead Friends"
41. Aminé ft. Injury Reserve "Campfire"
42. BiS "DiPROMiSE"
43. LOOΠΔ/Olivia Hye ft. Jin Soul "Egoist"

44. Abelo DX "Gonder"
45. A$AP Rocky ft. Moby "A$AP Forever"
46. Pungdeng-E "Caramel Macchioto"
47. Tyga ft. Offset "Taste"
48. Sexyy Red "Slide Remix"
49. Queen Key "Slide (Remix)"

50. A.K "Slide Remix"
51. DJ Spinall & Wizkid "Nowo"
52. Kris Wu "Tian Di"
53. Bích Phương "Bùa Yêu"
54. Aclem Wawa "Mbééé"
55. Fooch "Slide Remix"
56. Pretty Savage "Slide (Remix)"
57. Boonk Gang "Ventin"

Little change at the top because I was just throwing things on at the end, will figure it out later, or not. Quick shots:

Niniola "Saro" and Crowd Kontroller ft. Niniola "Bambam": Five years ago in Lagos Niniola finished third in a singing contest — just like Miranda Lambert! — and has been releasing a string of usually excellent singles since then, often with simple lines that she varies powerfully. Over that time she's also lent her voice to house DJ's, including on this buoyantly dark track by Crowd Kontroller, whose other YouTube tracks are things like "crowd kontroller best wedding dj" (7 views). "Bambam" has 488 views as I type. Do him justice by embedding it.

Sen Ptit Galle All Stars "Sargal Akon 'Na Na Na Na'": Akon has a knack for writing ridiculously sweet melodies and a kind of anti-knack for wringing them dry in performance before the song is halfway through. Sen Ptit Galle seems to be a West African singing contest or festival for teenagers; the singers here hold his melody gently above their heads, where it floats and flourishes while the drums provide the kick, after which a shouter mobilizes everyone into a major vamp that kicks everything up a level.

Lil Pump "i Shyne": Sort of like being battered mercilessly by a dandelion. I'm wondering if I'm batty for liking it, but it's holding up and so is my liking for it. Maybe it'll be number one.

Aminé ft. Injury Reserve "Campfire": Humor, density of reference, seven ways to pronounce "rural."

BiS "DiPROMISE": I basically don't "get" Japanese idol music, so I may be all wrong in my analysis here: but these anti-idol idols' strategy seems to be to keep their distance from the genre by bringing twice the passion. In any event, works for me.

Abelo DX "Gonder": I don't "get" Ethiopian music either, but I love listening to it. There's an Ethiopian radio station here, KETO, broadcasting out of Aurora, my go-to station in the car; it plays what sounds like a gamut; a lot has what I think of as South Asian piercing and East African loping, though no doubt that's an ignorant way to put it. (I mean, its piercing sound is surely its own.) It's often in one ear and out the other as far as my ability to comprehend. The stuff that sticks with me here on YouTube has more of a driving rhythm, and rapping, frequently enough. Is likely an American influence — on me, anyway, if not the music.

A$AP Rocky ft. Moby "A$AP Forever": "I'm done with adjusting to fame." Me, I've barely even started!

*[EDIT: Well, obviously Kidd Kenn's not playing those rules.]

**Rob and I were talking about this back in 2000, regarding DMX.

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