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Dreamcatcher "Lucky Strike"

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belecrivain tells us (on Dreamwidth):

my answer would have been Saint Etienne's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart."

I'd already tweeted a response to a more fraught version of the question. I'm a sucker for it, I guess. But, you know, Elvis's "Mystery Train" is a cover. Lots of great performances are covers.* However, very few question answers answer the question "What Dreamcatcher song do I want Jessica to listen to?"

*But the Rolling Stones' — great — version of "I Wanna Be Your Man" isn't a cover.

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Belecrivain continues

belecrivain continues:

"STAN TALENT STAN DREAMCATCHER" -- God, I love slightly anarchic fan-written subs.

That was a lot of fun! Thank you!

See, this is why it's a good thing I'm not on Twitter anymore, since I probably would have said something snarky and insincere about Caetano Veloso's "Come As You Are." (And not mentioned X's "Soul Kitchen" what is wrong with me, really.)


I'd not noticed that! This despite my habitually keeping closed-captioning on, even with this song being in English, and my playing it a ton. I focus here, miss there.

There could be a mirthful thread on closed-captions.

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Says belecrivain:

I think the ability to upload fan subs to official YT videos is fairly new -- maybe in the last year or two? See also the subs on A.C.E's "Cactus," where the subber (a) is clearly not M2 and (b) breaks the fourth wall a couple times.

Also my main source Q is for Qazaq uploaded her subs for the decoding video for "E.Yeah" (and afterwards complained wryly about the guys rambling on and on).

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