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Twitter thread Q-pop K-pop etc. 2018

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I don't know how to describe Hong Jinyoung's new song. Synthtrot? Italotrot? Fretrotstyle?

Latin hip-trot?

(Not to mention catstyle, trotcat, and synthcat.)

The Austral-Romanian Empire has conquered Momoland.

Meanwhile, Rocket Girls 101 "Galaxy Disco," where "Galaxy," naturally enough, means "Italo":


Sounds just like the music on Italodisco comps out of Singapore and Hong Kong that populated the three-for-a-dollar cassette bins in SF's Chinatown back in the '80s and '90s. I'd assumed then that most of the music was produced originally in Italy or Germany (with input from Miami and Toronto and Montreal: Tapps and Lime were all over those stores, Tapps with not-quite-so-cheap compilations of their own), but there'd be remixes and mashups and stuff — an impressive version of "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" that in a later day would have been screwed and chopped but this used amphetamines rather than cough syrup — and unknown vocalists, and I was guessing or hoping that some of the talent was Asian. Anyway, "Galaxy Disco" sounds so much like that stuff** that I wonder if it's actually a cover. It's so familiar. The sound is spot-on, from the reed-thin riffs to the dental-floss vocals.

*where I gained my knowledge of the stuff
**other than the words being Chinese rather than English, and a K-poppy rap in the middle.

I found a few Asian Italodisco tracks on ultradiskopanorama on YouTube, which has mountains of vintage pop and disco from Asia, Europe and the former USSR.

Jessie from Taiwan (1988)

Crapas from South Korea (1989)

Bunny Girls from South Korea (1989)

Meanwhile, Yoyomi brings us more synthtrot.

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