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Top 50 Singles 2008
OK, I'm going to stop dicking around with this and just post it.

1. Rihanna "Disturbia"
2. Ashlee Simpson "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)"
3. Ashlee Simpson "Little Miss Obsessive"
4. Heidi Montag "No More"
5. Robyn "Who's That Girl?"
6. September "Cry For You"
7. Annie "Songs Remind Me Of You"
8. Britney Spears "Break The Ice"
9. Buraka Som Sistema f. Pongolove "Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)"
10. Taylor Swift "Should've Said No"
11. V.I.C. "Wobble"
12. Gwen Stefani "Early Winter"
13. Cansei De Ser Sexy "Rat Is Dead (Rage)"
14. Ashley Alexandra Dupré "What We Want"
15. Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"
16. Danity Kane f. Missy Elliott "Bad Girl"
17. Lindsay Lohan "Bossy"
18. Michelle Williams "We Break The Dawn"
19. Paula DeAnda "Marching"
20. Willie Nelson "You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore"
21. Scooter "The Question Is What Is The Question"
22. Vein f. Pitbull "Get Up Stand Up"
23. Taylor Swift "You're Not Sorry"
24. Wiley "Wearing My Rolex"
25. Alphabeat "Boyfriend (Pete Hammond Mix)"
26. Paris Hilton "My BFF"
27. Scooter "Jumping All Over The World"
28. Booka Shade "Control Me"
29. The Knux "Cappuccino"
30. Cyndi Lauper "Into The Nightlife"
31. Ne-Yo "Miss Independent"
32. Mz Bratt "What Would We Do?"
33. Jessica Mauboy f. Flo Rida "Running Back"
34. Ne-Yo "Closer"
35. Keri Hilson "Energy"
36. Girls Aloud "Theme To St. Trinians"
37. Will Young "Grace"
38. Marit Larsen "If A Song Could Get Me You"
39. Gabriella Cilmi "Sweet About Me"
40. Sway f. $tush "F Ur X"
41. María Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser "Pobre Stupido"
42. Allison Moorer "Dancing Barefoot"
43. Lady Gaga f. Colby O'Donis "Just Dance"
44. Jessica Simpson "Come On Over"
45. Ashton Shepherd "Takin' Off This Pain"
46. Taylor Swift "Love Story"
47. Young Jeezy f. Kanye West "Put On"
48. Madonna f. Justin Timberlake "4 Minutes"
49. Menudo "Lost"
50. M. Pokora f. Verbz "They Talk Shit About Me"

(I only voted for singles, however I define "single" - something along the lines of "not merely a leak or an album track." My tracks list for poptimists will be somewhat different.)

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No putting of donks on it???

Well, still haven't gotten the concept of "donk" - perhaps one can put a donk on anything - but I'd say "not in the top 50." I left a lot off here - really like the cheesy Toby "Hottie" song, for instance, but I just didn't want to think about what belonged in 51 through 80 and how to put it in order etc.

Think I'm underrating the Jessica Mauboy; it's so generic as a yearning-vs.-anti-yearning pain-filled r&b track that I tend to pass over how affecting it is, except when I listen to it.

I'm assuming "No Time For Tears" must not qualify as a "single" b/c, save "LMO," it's my fave tune on the record and it's not even in your top 50?! Did you catch Taylor on TV on New Year's Eve? Her voice was awful. And not awful w/ character but awful w/out amplification. It was in the 20s but still.... Do you really think Fearless is better than, say, a Suzanne Vega or Edie Brikell record? I liked "Teardrops On My Guitar" but nothing is grabbed me yet on Fearless.

Re: Ashlee & Taylor

"No Time For Tears" isn't a single and isn't close to my favorite on the album, but it is piratemoggy's.

You know, I've never heard a full Suzanne Vega or Edie Brickell LP. Fearless isn't as good as Taylor Swift, and maybe not as good as Sounds Of The Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection either; Chuck says it all reminds him too much of Lisa Loeb's "Stay." Reminds me of "Stay" too, but done a lot lot better, and not that different from the first Taylor album, but done worse.

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